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Inspection Services

Buying or selling a home brings a lot of stress so it is important for you to feel confident about the condition of that investment. At Safe and Sound Property Inspections we take our time to ensure that our clients are well informed about all the conditions of the home before acting on any decision. We provide a comprehensive report outlining all major systems and deficiencies with specific maintenance and digital photo accompaniment. 

As part of our home inspections we inspect all accessible system and visible areas of the home to include:

Roof Coverings & Flashings

Accessible Attic Spaces 

Foundations & Crawl Spaces

Grading & Drainage

Electrical Systems

Plumbing Systems

Water Supply System

Hot Water Heaters & Systems

Interior Spa Tubs

Natural Gas & Propane Appliances 

Heating & Cooling Systems

Installed Appliances

Exterior & Interior Walls


Driveways & Walkways

Doors & Windows

Patios & Decks

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

A pre-purchase home inspection is a visual examination of the readily-accessible areas of a home to provide an accurate evaluation of the home's condition at the inspection. Home inspections are designed to disclose defects in the property that could materially affect its safety, livability or resale value. They are not meant to disclose cosmetic defects. The evaluation is presented to the buyer in a comprehensive digital report so buyers are fully informed of the home's condition prior to purchase.

Pre-Listing Inspections

A pre-listing inspection, which is paid for by the home seller or listing agent, provides a written report on the condition of the property. It could uncover any concerns that might compromise a sale. It is very similar to a home inspection at any other stage of the home selling and buying process, it just happens prior to putting your house on the market.

Builder Warranty Inspections

The 11-month warranty inspection is an inspection just before the builder’s warranty expires. This inspection is critical to finding defects in the home that might have happened during the home ownership process or were not found before. Once a home inspector inspects the property, a homeowner can then turn their report over to the builder for repairs based on the home warranty.

New Construction & Phase Inspections

New construction and phase inspections are performed so that no major defects are concealed during construction of your home. Inspections are typically scheduled in three phases: Pre-pour, pre-drywall, and a final inspection. The home inspector will try to catch mistakes before they manifest into larger issues later.

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